Chapter 7

In the desert it is very hot and dry, the deserts are very harsh. Bedouins clothed themselves in loose-fitting long gowns and cotton headdress to protect themselves from dust, flies and heat. In the deserts droughts last for years. When the rain comes, it often falls as violent storms, Sometimes causing flash floods. It drops below zero at nights.

  • When you are going to the Desert bring loose clothing, you need to bring loose clothing that covers your face, hands and body.
  • You want to bring lots of water, although the rain comes.
  • When you go to the desert you want to travel light just in case you don't have any animals to carry your stuff.
  • You will need to prepare for your trip.

This man with this camel is an idea of what you will need to use as for clothing.

Oases looks like cliffs.

  • Oases vary in size, ranging from a few acres to large areas of land.

If you go to live in Oases then the land will be soft and fertile so that you can plant.