Wise Man/Neanderthal Man
By: Nicole Oborne

Location,Time,and Discovery!

The Neanderthal Man/ The Wise Man was discovered by mine workers in Germany's Weander Valley. In his time period he has lived in Africa, Europe, and parts of western Aisa. They lived a long time ago. They lived 230,000 to 30,000 years ago.


The Wise Man was hunched over in most pictures. He was also short and stocky, he had a large brain, his hands drag on the ground, and he was super hairy.

Tools that the Wise Man Used

There have been more than 60 tools found. One tool was a knife, used to cut things like food and animals for skin. Another tool were scrapers. Scrapers were used to skin animals. The last tool were spear points. Spear points were used to hunt and protect themselves from predators.

Feelings and First to do something

The Wise Man was the first to hunt in an organized group. I know that they cared about one another because when members of the group would die they laid in burial mounds with hunting tools and flowers.

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