Going Back to the Early Ages
By: Giovanni Gatica

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2 years ago

If I could go back in time I'd like to be in the Jurassic time period. It would be really fun looking at all the types of dinosaurs that were walking on Earth 145.5 million years ago. I could adapt to the time but it'd be really hard because it would be hard getting food, finding a good place to stay, and surviving against fast and huge dinosaurs.

I woke up laying inside of a cave I was really confused it was really dark inside the cave. I heard loud noises outside once I went outside I saw dinosaurs outside! The first dinosaur I saw was a spinosaurus this dinosaur was green, its spine was really sharp, and it had really sharp teeth. It was running in a herd with other spinosaurus's. I was really confused and curious on how I got here in the first place I didn't see a single person except for dinosaurs running around. At first I was really scared but then I though to myself I'm the first person to see a dinosaur alive in person it was pretty cool thinking about that for a while, I got hungry after a while of sitting down and looking at all the dinosaurs. I didn't have a choice but I had to go out and look for food I jumped out of the cave and started to walk around and be really careful so I wouldn't be spotted by a dinosaur.

When I was walking around looking for food I found tree's full of different kinds of food! I went running toward the tree and started picking fruits out of all the tree's. All of a sudden I felt the ground shaking a lot and it started shaking more and more. When I turned around I saw a huge tyrannosaurus rex behind me I got so scared I stood really quietly and didn't move at all. I slowly put fruits in all of my pockets as quietly as I could, I was really scared but then another dinosaur ran by and it got the T-Rex's attention. I started to run away as fast as I could I turned around to see if there was anything behind when all of a sudden I heard yelling coming from a cave. I started to follow the screams when I saw a cave glowing with blue lights. I stopped running closed my eyes and opened them and I knew I was going home.