Project done by Peter Chuchta for Science Class 3rd Period.

BSk is part of something called Koppen classification. The letters each mean something and the following are their definitions.

B = This means that this is a dry climate/ desert. This entails annual evaporation higher than precipitations and no permanent rivers.

S = This means it has a steppe climate (semi-arid) and annual precipitations range between 380 and 760 mm. This letter only applies to the B.

The last letter allows the entire letter form to be even more clear as far as what the climate is so for this the k stands for dry and cold with the annual average temperature  less than 18 degrees. This letter only applies to the B.

So, as shown in the image above BSk is brown on the map and can be found in parts of Arizona as well as many areas in the west of the U.S.

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