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Bobbi Kristina

Bobbi Kristina is my hero because she went through a lot Bobbi Kristina is an American reality television and media personality, singer, and heiress. She is the daughter of singers Bobby Brown and Whitney Huston.

  • Bobbi Kristina "Krissy" Brown was born on March 4, 1993, in Livingston New Jersey to Whitney Huston and Bobby Brown's family includes maternal grandmother Cissy Huston of The Drinkard singers. Brown's mother died in a hotel bathtub in 2012, from what was later ruled an accidental drowning with heart disease and cocaine use listed as contributing factors.Throughout her teenage and adult years, Brown has been the focus of tabloid and gossip column speculation, including stories about her purported drug use, her weight loss, and her relationships with family members. On January 31, 2015, Gordon and a male friend found Brown face down in a bathtub in her Georgia home. On February 2, Brown was moved to Emory University Hospital, where she remained in a coma and on a ventilator. Her family said Brown had briefly opened her eyes, but a medical expert commented, "blinking her eyes doesn't mean she's out of the woods".

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