Anne Frank

                                                                              By: Akiyah Charity

Anne Frank a girl who was a victim of the Holocaust. She had a beautiful personality even when she had to go in hiding she lifted spirits when they were down. Anne is known for her diary she wrote while in hiding before the Germans took her to a death camp. “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart." Anne said,Frank didn't deserve the life she had neither did the others who died by the Germans and their soldiers.


~ Annelies Marie Frank was born June 12,1929.

~Her father was Otto Frank who survived the Holocaust.

~Her sister Margot was the first to be ordered in the camp;

~ Anne wrote in her diary she called Kitty.

~ Franks diary was published and has been read over the world.

~ She died with her sister when they both caught Typhus.

~ She was at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

~Anne was one out of the one million children that died at the camp.

~She was hauling heavy stones and grass mats.

~ She was popular at her old school before going to the all new Jewish school.


June 12,1929- Annelies Marie Frank.

1933- The Family moved to Amsterdam.

1940- Anne was forced to go to a Jewish school.

1942- She received her diary for her birthday.

1942-  Her sister Margot was ordered to a labor camp.

1942- Franks went into hiding the Secret Annex.

1942- The van Pels family family joined the franks in hiding.

1944- The Secret Annex was discovered by the Nazis.

1945- Anne died from Typhus in Bergen-Belsen camp.

1947- Her diary was published.

5  or more people involved with your topic.

The Franks had help from people who they would trust with their souls. Anne's  father,Otto Frank, had people helping them by giving them food and coffee. Miep Gies was one of the people to help the Franks with the move and getting situated in the Secret Annex as Anne called it . Her husband Jan Gies was a help with them buy putting a book shelf in front of the Annex door. Hannah Golsar wasn't involved but she was involved with Anne before she went in hiding ,they were friends at the same school. There was an other person named Victor Kugler he was an other person who helped the Franks in hiding. The last one I could think of was Johannes Kleiman but if you read Anne's book he name was  Mr. Koopphuis.

A Hero that is associated with the topic

I think the hero in this topic is her dad. Even though he couldn't save her or his family,which he would regret, he did a big help by publishing Anne's diary and making her a big star she is today. Otto Frank was the hero in this because she got her name out and people know her story and what happened to her should never be forgotten. Her dad did a good dead and will be known for it.

Important to people to know my topic

Anne Frank, when you hear that name what comes to mind? The Holocaust, how she died, Adolf Hitler the first thing that should come to mind is her personality how she was loving and caring how she fought her way until her death. Anne was a strong person even though she cried she was still strong. You need to know my topic to get the feel of how life was for the people that suffered and fought for there lives everyday till they didn't have nothing left to fight. Anne Frank was a good person in heart and didn't deserve what she went through people are just evil and only care about them selves while people stood there not saying anything when they knew it was wrong what happened.


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