The Home Depot.

Home Depots

In 1978, Bernie Marcus and Arthur blank came up with the idea of having a store that has everything for building stuff and do it yourselfers. In 1981,the Home Depot went public on NASDAQ and move to the New York stock exchange in 1984. Along with investments banker ken langone and merchandising guru pat Farrah, the founders vision of one-stop shopping for the do it yourselfers came to fruition when they opened the first two Home Depots on June 22,1979 in Atlanta, GA.


The materials at Home Depot are transported by




They are made in places such as Mexico, China, and Canada.

Georgia's economy rates.

The Home Depot provides jobs to Georgians. That helps Georgia's economy.

Risk the entrepreneur took.

Some risk the entrepreneur took are:

*If the company is unsuccessful, then they wasted their money.

*If the need for their services are decreased, then the company goes out of business.

By: Myra Comiskey, Barbara Flemmings, Anna Loucks.

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