Katie Financial Literacy Project

I chose to be a doctor a doctor has a salary of 76,305.

Savings for a month and a year

For a month I save 1,530. I calculate my number by taking  all my expenses on my budget sheet. Then I took my number and took it away from 5,404.94.

For a year I save 18,360 I calculate that by times 1,530 by 12.

I'm saving more then I though because I was supposed to be saving 540, but you have to have a balance budget of 0 so I had to change my savings.

My House and my car

For my house I chose a small house I chose a small house because 1 I because I could afford it 2 I did not want to live in a apartment.

I chose my car because I did not want to drive a Ford Mustang, I did not want to drive a Ford F150, And I really did not want to drive a motorcycle, so I chose to drive a Ford Fiesta.

I  spend 120 on gas a month.

My Grocery list

butter 3.99                                                                    hash browns 5.00

vedjubull oil 2.28                                                           bread 20.00

fruit 53.33                                                                     sugar 2.14

eggs 5.59                                                                     toilet paper 11.97

vanilla extract 7.98                                                      paper towels 15.97

almond extract 2.20                                                     napkins 5.00

flour 3.48                                                                      tooth past 1.97

vedjubll 5.00                                                                 sand witch meat 10.00

milk 2.49                                                                        candy 1.00

ham 7.21                                                                       soup 2.00        

shrimp 12.98                                                                 ground beef chunk 18.72

noodles 4.57                                                                    Italian sensing 5.18

sauce 5.00                                                                    salt and pepper 26.00

chicken 6.97                                                                   Kleenex 7.49

scampi sauce 8.00                                                  

chess 2.98

bacon 7.98

Altogether I will be spending 268 but I decided to put 300 on my budget sheet.

My budget

My budget is balance budget I spend 80 on a phone.

I spend 500 on restaurant a month.

I spend 500 on fun money a month.

I spend 200 on clothing.

I spend 200 on entertainment.

I spend 150 on pets.

I spend 150 on health insurance.

My Reflection

I think this project is important because now we are ready to do this as a adult.

The step's I did to complete this is I first I  chose a job then I found out my taxes next I chose a house and a car then I made a grocer list and last I made this project.