Life in the South during the Civil War.

Hello my name is Scarlett O'Hara.The year is 1862 and I live in Savannah, Georgia.I am 16 years old, and I am married to Ashlee O'Hara.My father is General Robert E.Lee and he currently fighting for the Confederacy,he is a major general south.My husband and I have one child named Ceceila O'Hara she almost a year old.

August 27,1862.

This morning I woke and I made breakfast for my husband and daughter and I.After we ate breakfast I gave Cecila a bath and I gave my husband his things for work.He is a lawyer in Savannah he has the highest rank. After I gave him his lunch I went to the court house and tried to raise money for the soilders so they could have more money for the wounded.Then I went home and and paid the babysitter.After I made lunch for me I feed Cecelia.Then I did some yard work around the house because there is no slaves to do all this work for me.After I did the yard I ran into a couple of charity profits for the southern soldiers so I donated some money.Then I went shopping for food and clothes.After that I went home and made dinner then went to bed.

August 28,1862

Dear Father,

How are you I have so many questions regraded the latest battle Second Manassas or Bull Run as my neighbor called it. I heard that it was a major bloody battle.Are you hurt or any of our friends fighting for our freedom.I hope the war ends soon because I miss you so much father.I hope you have the time to write back to me.

Love your daughter,


August 29,1862

What a busy day I had today.I had to do a ton of laundry today what a great time it took out of my day.After that about ten soldiers came to stay at my house.I cooked for them and gave them a room to stay in.I also had to clean the house because I am having a party later on I can't wait.After that I went to the store to get things to the party.One my way home I stopped at war hospital and dropped of some meds and food so that they can have a save recovery. Once I got home I took a shower and gave Cecelia one too.Then I got ready for the party and my guest.Then I made some food for the party.Once everyone came I took up an offering for the soldiers who are fighting right now so they could get supplies.Once everyone left I cleaned up and went to bed.

August 30, 1862

Dear Scarlett,

I am ok thanks for asking I have not wounds.It was a major 20000 wounded or dead people all together one the north and the south.How is Ashlee and my beautiful granddaughter.Give them my lovings to them.One sad thing is that your neibougor Henry passed away.His last words to me was when the war for me and your family. I will try to write to you more but I don't have a lot of time because of the war.I also was in a seven day battle it was so long I was not hurt in that either.It was the battle before the Bull Run.I hope that I can return soon.I miss and love you a lot.


Your Father

My father wrote a letter to me i was so happy to hear that he was not injured in either of the battle.My husband was happy to hear from my daddy.He is such a great leader in the south.We hope that he can return soon.I hope that this war ends soon.

August 31,1862

So I wanted to talk of somethings and how I feel about.

The first thing I want to talk about is the Emancipation Proclamation.I hate it so much!They took away our slaves and property.The northerns are so stupid they think that they can take anything away from us.No that was our property.It pretty much said that all slaves are free in the south.So pretty much there is no slavry in my eyes.

The elcation of Lincoln was just the worst thing ever they should of picked anyone but him.He is going to try to stop slavary even more then the emancipation proclamation.America really messed up there.

I am so glad that Lincon got assessanited he desreved it he took our freedom,hope,and property,He should of listened to us.It is his fault.Thank you Jonh Wilks Booth.Amercia is at peace.I hope we never have a president like him again.

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