Sea Level Rise & Miami Beach

By Malik Bryant, Matthew Battle, & Dequan Arrington

1. How would you approach the Sea Level Rise problem in Miami Beach? - Since Miami Beach is near the water, they should have a tool, that shows the levels of the water near the beach. If it's increasing, they should make something in the water, which it can stay at level.

2. Explain in detail the contribution of porous limestone under Miami Beach to the problem. Describe how this might accelerate the issue. - It creates an aquifer, which most of the water can run through the limestone and some stays in the limestone, and it grows.

3. Explain what is causing sea level to rise. How does this affect Florida? - It's probably mainly caused by sea storms or floods, that happened in or near Miami Beach. Then, it would affect Florida, by clearing roads or destruction from the water.

4. How much is the sea level expected to rise in the next several years? Reference data and records to support your answer. At this rate, what will happen to Florida? - The Sea Level Rise goes up 3.1 mm per year since 1990. From this rate, in the future, Miami would be underwater, because 3.1 mm is a lot of water rising. 50 years from now, there will be a lot of water on Miami Beach.