Rebekah Roper

Photography Portfolio

The Constellations

This is my best friend, Tatiana Rios.  I took this picture for my photography class assignment, which was to photograph people.  This was taken in Midway's studio with a blue backdrop.  I really like the picture because it ignites sweet daydreams of lying in the soft green grass, spotting all the constellations in the midnight sky.  To me, it looks like she's looking into another world and all that emotion is shown on her face.

Looking through the Lens

This is me.  It was taken in my own house, in front of a mirror, for my portrait project.  I like this one because this is documenting me as a storyteller.  This is the chance for people to see the person behind the camera.

A Small Girl's Wish

I took this picture in my backyard, not intending to use it for anything.  However, my photography's nature assignment came up and I decided to use it.  I like it because of the cool viewpoint and it reminded me of when I was younger and used to make a wish and blow off all the fluff.  And let's be honest: I still do it whenever I see a dandelion.

Where Nothing Stands

I took this picture for my Nature Project.  It was taken off of Warren road in Hewitt.  I like it because the colors are so vibrant: the water looks like blue glass as does the sky.  Also, everything is so perfectly reflected in the water.

On the Tip of my Mind

I took this photo on Spring Valley Road in Hewitt.  This is an Oreo cow.  I caught this picture just by luck.  What I really thought was amazing was his massive size.


I took this picture on the suspension bridge for my Elements Project.  I really like this picture because I find it picturesque with the green leaves wrapping itself around the diamond-shaped railing and the river in the background.  Perhaps it could belong in an old romance novel. 

Without Meaning to

This, also, was taken on the suspension bridge.  I really like this one because it's a natural frame, happening without meaning to. 


This is a picture of the lights at the end of the suspension bridge I like this one because it reminds me of old-school cameras, for some reason.  Maybe because it's black and white and it has that  white blur on the sides.  Anyways, I thought it was cool, also, that you could see inside the floodlight even when the lights were on. 

The Shadow Behind

This is a picture of the bridge's cables and its shadow, fanning out on the wall behind it.  I really like the shadow behind the actual cables, going in what seems to be a different direction.

Standing Against Time

I like how this looks like a big white fancy mansion, standing against time.  And, of course, it has the classic bare branches interrupting the picture in case a creepy ghost story wants to come into play.  Or they could have tiny rose buds on them and create a beautiful setting for a sweet, sad romance.  My point is, it looks like it could belong in an extravagant story that's been passed down for many years.  

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