Jason Leonard's Museum Exhibit:Homo Sapiens Sapiens
"Doubly Wise Man"

Physical Description

My hominids Latin name is Homo Sapiens Sapiens,but it's nickname is Doubly Wise Man.These hominids were 5.5' tall.They had high rounded skulls with very large brains.Homo Sapiens Sapiens had small teeth and slender bones.Homo Sapiens Sapiens were the strongest hominids of early ages.They were also not as hairy which made them way more human like, unlike early hominids who were very hairy and ape like.

Homo Sapiens Sapiens originated from Africa and then spreads throughout the world for they had the ability to migrate. An 8 year old Spanish girl and her father found Doubly Wise Man's bones. Archaeologists studied his bones and came to a conclusion that he lived 150,000 years ago.

Resource Description

One resource they used were caves. They used caves for shelter and cave art.Some art that they drew were animals, hands, and spears.They used these drawings for thoughts, religion, and to teach children. They were the first to invent the bow and arrow, which was used for an accurate shots for hunting. Homo Sapiens Sapiens found materials to make needles for sewing. This invention made successful clothing for warmth. For hunting one thing they used besides a bow and arrow were spear throwers. If you can see they were very creative with making tools.

Some capabilities Homo Sapiens Sapiens were great at were migrating, finding shelter,making tools,cave art, and creating clothing!

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