Requirements for Essay 3

Overview of Task:

Final Draft Due at The End of Week 7

Technically speaking, this paper is not really an essay. Instead, it is a guided response to Essay 2. Although it's not a full essay, please format your manuscript in MLA format, including headings and a title.

For this assignment, select ANY two essays posted in the Essay 2 Final Draft forum to read that interest you. For each essay, write one paragraph that summarizes the main point. Then, write a second paragraph for each essay that analyzes how your classmate used the sources they found.

Compose one paragraph of summary and one paragraph of analysis of sources for each paper: that's a total of four paragraphs. No introduction or conclusion is needed. The specific steps to complete are below.

Step 1: Choose Two Essays for Response

Look at your classmates' submissions for Essay 2 and choose any two that:

  1. interest you based on the research question and
  2. you have not read already when doing peer review.

You have a wide choice. Your purpose is to use our Essay 2 "body of work" as an academic resource, treating the individual papers as if they were published works.

Repeat the steps below for each essay

Step Two: Write a Summary Paragraph

Please summarize the essay, using

  • attributive tags to refer to its author (i.e. your classmate) and
  • parenthetical page numbers wherever you paraphrase or quote specific information. You should use the page numbers on your classmate's paper.
  • at least one quote, correctly attributed to your classmate

Your summary should tie together the research question and its relevance, the points made in the paper, and the kind of research cited. Your summary should be a detailed paragraph, roughly 100-250 words long.

Step Three: Write an Analysis Paragraph

Please follow all the web pages and periodical database entries on the Works Cited page. Find and read the sources listed. Report on:

  • The accuracy of the in-text and Works Cited citations for the web pages and the Madison College periodical database articles. Is the information on the Works Cited page accurate? Do they lead to the item correctly or easily? Are all in-text citations clearly tied to an entry on the Works Cited page?  
  • The reliability, credibility, angle of vision, and degree of advocacy of the web pages and periodical database articles in your classmate's paper (see p. 342-347). Are these web page and periodical database sources suitable for a college level paper? In your classmate's essay, did they select good sources to use? And did they understand the source's message? Do you think your classmate should have found different sources or was there information they might have looked for (but don't seem to have done so?) OR Why are the sources they chose the best ones?
  • (optional) Is there anything else in your classmate's sources that interest you?

Your analysis should be a detailed paragraph, roughly 100-250 words long.

You will repeat this process for the second essay you selected on the Essay 2 Final Draft discussion forum. In the end, you will submit four paragraphs, two on each essay. Please combine all four paragraphs into one Word format file before submitting them.

You should format your manuscript in MLA manuscript format, with a Works Cited page.

FAQs on This Assignment

Q: Will my classmate read what I write about their essay and get mad? No. You won't be showing what you wrote to the class, and you won't see what they write about your paper.

Q: If I find problems with their paper, will my classmate get into trouble? No. I will already have graded their papers before I read your Essay 3 response. Your paper will not affect their grade in any way. The point is to gain experience looking at research as a member of an academic audience.

Q: How should I format the Works Cited entry for a classmate's paper? Use the general format for Web Sources on p. 364 of your book. Here's an example:

Smith, Jane. "Gamergate and Censorship on the Internet." English 1. Madison                Area Technical College. 14 Oct. 2015. Web. 30 Oct. 2015.