Photoshop Intro

Portfolio Setup

  1. In Google Classroom, click on the assignment title, “Photoshop Portfolio”
  2. Open  “GP4 Graphic Design”
  3. Enter your name in the sub title on slide #1.
  4. Bookmark this file to your Digital Skills Folder.

Video #1: The Interface

Video 2: Mr. Timmons' Intro Tips

How to Open an Assigned Image.

1. Go to file >Open

2. Select the “Student on kls drive” from the drop down menu

3. Select the “Student Public” drive

4. Select the “Timmons” Folder

5. Select the “Photoshop Image” folder

Assignment #1: Red Eye

  • Open “Red Eye.jpg” from my Photoshop Image folder.
  • Zoom in on photo using Ctrl +
  • Select the Red Eye Removal Tool
  • Click on the eyes to remove red eye glare

Saving Your Work

  • Select File >Save As
  • Use “Red_Eye.jpg” as the file name
  • Save the image into your “Photoshop Portfolio” on your H: drive. (Make sure you choose correctly)

Assignment #2 : Basic Tools


  • Create a new image in Photoshop, Titled “Basic Tools”. [File >New]
  • Use each of the tools below, adjusting the Tool Options as you work.
  1. Brush Tool
  2. Shapes
  3. Paint Bucket
  4. Text
  • Adjust the tool options for each tool.
    • Brush Tip, Opacity, Flow
  • Save as JPEG.
  • If time permits, create another new image and keep exploring the tool options.

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