writing jurnal:

In science I had learn alot of things.From the atmosphere mainly.Also how are Hurricanes,Tornadoes and thunderstorms are created.Finally how to clasify cloudsand the water cycle.

Atmosphere:The atmosphere has different layers I dont remember all of them, but all are important because diferent things could lay on them.

I love to clasify clouds the best one is the comunolimbus. Are little clouds nforming a big one. Those are the one who creates Thunderstorms. All clouds are important all of them are diferent betwwen them.

Also I learn about Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Thunderstorms. I get suprise. I learn that even one of them is bigger than all of others the most little is the most dangerous one. The biggest one was Hurricane They get created in the ocean.Is not big thing, but when it touches land It is a big problem. Well finally the worst one is thunderstorm.