Algonquians of the Coastal Plains

Ways of Life & Culture

Ways of Life


  • The women were in charge of building the wigwams.
  • They were trees bent to make the house by the men.
  • They were covered by the available materials: birch bark, animal skins, corn husks, grasses, and reeds.
  • The wigwams had a hole on the top of the house so when thy cook inside in the winter the smoke could get out.


  • Corn was one of the most important foods to all Native Americans.
  • The corn was used for bread, soup, ash, cakes, and food on the go.


  • The children would watch their parents to learn how to do things.
  • Everyone had a important role in survival. Everyone had to help out.
  • Survival was the most important thing to all Algonquians.

Deer, Elk, and Moose

  • All animals they caught they were going to eat.
  • They never ate more than they caught.
  • They used each part of the animal in many ways.

Bows and Arrows

  • They were made of shag bark, hickory, white ash, cedar, or white oak.

Interesting Facts

  • They are the largest group on our coast.
  • They speak Native Algonquian Language.


  • Dream Catcher- a dream catcher is a web to catch the good dreams and untangle the bad dreams so the Indian Tribes can sleep well.
  • Powwow-Powwow is like a doctor because he used to help the people that were sick in the Indian Tribes and he will start the ceremonies.
  • Marriage- The Algonquins would explain what they would do if they got married. They wouldn’t have a ceremony. The man would give the the women an animal bone to show how he could provide for the family. The women would give the man a ear of corn to vow that she would grow the crops. Marriage was just an agreement to become husband and wife.
  • Family history- The family history is when the parent explain their family history but through the fathers line only.
  • The Algonquins would believe that the 'Great Spirits' had blessed them with the animals.

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