Major General Michael Harrison Leading as a Leader

Retired Major Former General Michael Harrison served in the United States Army for thirty four years before retiring in October of 2014. During this time as a member of the military he was renowned as a great leader, a fact that is evident in the rank he achieved and the achievements that made him the leader that he is today. He has always been a positive influence on people and this was never as clear and portrayed as effectively as when countless men and women turned to his leadership and position of authority for guidance and as a beacon of excellence in their own careers.

Leadership is something that is part natural and part achievement. Harrison is a natural leader and this has served him well in his career. However he has a record of achievement that has made all the difference in the world. Thirty four years is a long time in any career, but especially so in the military and If you look back at his career you will find it filled with a number of exemplary achievements including that which was done overseas, in relief for other countries, in securing American interests, and in leading Soldiers time and time again. This is the reason why the military seeks people like this, because leadership is rare, but it can be achieved. That is excellence and it is based on commitment, unparalleled excellence and commitment to core principles. All of these are qualities that Harrison has exhibited throughout his career as a leading leader in one the most significant military forces in the history of the world.

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