Art Building Blocks
St. Bernadette School

Fall 2014
October 13- December 10

Fall 2014: 9 week session

Lesson 1

How to combine basic lines and shapes to create images by using a step by step process

Monday Oct 13- How to draw easy animals

Wednesday Oct 15 How to draw wild animals

Lesson 2

The areas of a picture (foreground, middle ground, background)

Monday Oct 20 step by step simple landscape

Wednesday Oct 22 use photos for reference to create landscape drawings

Lesson 3

Observational drawing from life

Monday Oct 27 Choose item from a fall harvest selection (corn, squash, pumpkin etc.,) Observe the actual item and draw what is seen

Wednesday Oct 29 Draw Still life of arranged fall harvest items

Lesson 4

Create Stylized Patterns and Repetitive Designs

Monday Nov 3 City Building

Wednesday Nov 5 Cityscapes

Lesson 5

Face and features

Monday Nov 10: Royal Pooches

Wednesday Nov 12 Egyptian faces in profile

Lesson 6

Connecting to history through art: Shapes of Greek vases

Monday Nov 17 Geometric patterns on Greek vases

Wednesday Nov 19 Illustrating stories on Greek vases

Lesson 7

Texture and mixed media art

Monday Nov 24 Texture rubbings to make foil sea turtles

Wednesday Nov 26 Textured foil sea turtles on textured sea

Lesson 8

Symbols in art are used to communicate identities and ideas. Symbols develop over time and incorporate stories and customs.

Monday Dec 1 Step by step drawing of St. Nicholas

Wednesday Dec 3 Step by step drawing of the Saint's contour, developing it into an image that incorporates one or more symbols to communicate something about the Saint through the use of symbols. (Miter, crozier, three gold balls, gold coins, money bags, three maidens, children, anchor, ship, book, shoes)

Lesson 9

Scientific illustration- uses particular drawing techniques and has a specific format

Monday Dec 8 Draw a scientific illustration of an observed item using proper pencil techniques and correctly titled.

Wednesday Dec 10 Draw a scientific illustration of an observed item using proper pencil techniques, correctly titled with labels identifying part s of the item, and a legend explaining how to read the drawing.


Art Building Blocks explores art and design fundamentals through creative skill- building


Visual art is created by using art tools and materials to make lines, shapes, forms, space, colors, values and textures according to the principles of unity and contrast achieved through balance, emphasis, pattern, movement and rhythm.

During Art Building Blocks lessons, students learn:

how to develop technical proficiency using dry and wet art media

step by step processes

observational skills

fine motor skills

sensory connections

how to develop strategies based upon guidelines

how to discover their personal style and interest in art making

to increase their art vocabulary

reflective and critical analysis

to expand their ability to express creative ideas and increase their knowledge of how to apply art skills in other areas of study


Throughout the program student art will be posted in the 'comment stream'

Oct. 13 How to combine basic lines and shapes to create images grades k-2

Oct 15: Combine Basic Shapes to Make A Wild Animal Grades 3-5

The areas of a picture: foreground, middle ground, background

October 20- Simple landscape

October 20- End of post

October 22- Landscape drawing class

October 27- Simple Fall Still-life

October 27- End of Post

October 29- Observational Still life drawing

October 29 End of Post

November 3- Design a Building using Patterns

November 5 Use Patterns to Design a Cityscape

November 10 Royal Pooches, facial features, manipulating paint

End of November 10 Post

November 12- Egyptian Faces

Greek Vases

Bas Relief Sea Turtles

St. Nicholas -Monday Dec 1

Scientific Illustration

The Wednesday session focused on scientific illustration basics and techniques