Do you believe people are born with motivation or not?

I believe, that motivation is something we must create for ourselves. One important reason, is you need to be inspired by something to reach your success. Admittedly, people will say they have created their own way of motivation or were born with motivation. However, people are not born with motivation because nobody knows what they’re motivated by from birth, or what they want to reach yet. Therefore, we create our own motivation, which many times is inspired by others’ success or another person’s belief in us and willingness to help us.

No matter what comes at you , you still gotta move forward

Desean Jackson motivates me to do better, I learn from him to always be one or two steps a head . Desean trains on and off the filed he showing me every minute counts so when something big comes my way ill be ready.

Is a Diploma on your goal list ?

A diploma is not just some piece of paper its a key to almost everything trust me you see when you reach it ,we will all reach our graduation day and we will be handed a diploma and we’ll have to thank ours self’s because we motivated our self’s to make it .

Do it now not later because you never know if you might have this chance again . Sometimes you just got to take changes and go for it . Never hold back get motivated and do what you been wanting to do cause life's to short and you don't want to wish you could of did this or that when your older.

Arthur Boormen

Arthur Boormen is a guy who gave up in the begging because the doctors told him there was no chance of running or walking . But that was false because someone believed in him and gave him that motivate to work out even though he fell and was hard for him . He didn't give up, he workout everyday and got better and better little by little  started losing the weight. Anything is possible if you try and don't give up don't listen to what others say around you

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