Ancient Japan

                                                             Yamato Clan  

Japan, 500 BC the Yamato Clan rose to power. They believed that the ruler should be the Grandson of the sun goddess. That was Prince Shotoku. The Yamato's had a centralized government and bureaucracy. They adopted fashions, foods, tea, art, music, dance, and gardening from the Chinese. They had a very strong military and captured many different clans.

This is the Yamato territory.
These are Yamato warriors.

                                                             Heian Period

In 794 the Heian Period came around. This was more about art and gardens. Women wore silk gowns. Because of trade the people of this time were very wealthy. Lady Murasaki Shikibu was a famous writer at the time one of the first to write a Haiku.

The gowns that the women would wear.