Brighton Beach Memoirs
     Emily Quinones

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was an economic depression that began in 1929 to 1939 when the stock markets crashed. The Great Depression had affected the United States, Germany and Great Britain. Many people were affected horribly in these regions. People had become unemployed due to the lost of their jobs and not being able to provide their families or themselves food, clothes and other necessities. This was the greatest economic overturn in history.

Penn University in the 1930's

Penn University tuition in the 1930's was $400. Room and board prices were $520, text books were $35. The major difference in college back then and now is the cost of tuition, books, dorm, etc. The mascot in the Penn University is Quakers.

The average of gas back in the 1930's was about .20 cents. One specific food like popcorn cost 19 cents back in the days. Hot dogs in the 1930's were 5 cents. Back in 1930 the average price for a car was about $640. Another interesting fact price of a newspaper was literally 2 cents.

Stan's Apology Letter

Mr. Stroheim

I'm sorry for going against you and trying to make you look like a fool in front of everyone. I know I should have minded my own business. I know it was wrong to do you dirty. Please forgive me.

I'm a very working man. This was just one mistake I made. Please don't fire me and put an end to my career. I will work day and night until I have made up for the mistake I've made.

Forgive me! I know I should have just obeyed you and do what you said. I shouldn't have gone against you. Please don't fire me and take me back as an employee.

- Stan

The Phantom of the Opera


The first showing for this Broadway play was in 1986. The cost of these tickets currently are $39.

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