Payton Strickland

Photography Portfolio

The Hoop

I took this for my Elements Project in photojournalism. I had to stand on a chair to get close enough to capture the texture.

Texas Star

This photo was from my element project. I took it for the shape. I really like the light coming in.

Metal Flower

I took this picture for the pattern. It captured texture a lot too.

Sunset behind the bridge

I took this picture on my own not for a project. It really captures the beauty of the sunsets in Texas.

Muggy Mornin' with the dog

I took this picture for my nature project. It captures the darkness still lingering from the night before.


I got my little sister to run outside with me to take a few pictures before we went with dance. I told her to just practice everything she learned. Luckily I captured this one.

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