Art pieces in video games

those aim on artistic value, colorful, complex and creative playability

 Do you have a concept of video games? Do you think it is just made for people to wasting time? Well it is not strange that most people would hold this typical attitude, but if you could just make one step forward, you may find yourself an brand new world that provide a distinct angle of viewpoint, which is video games could be real art piece because the producers who worked on pioneer creations.

 The game"Monument Valley" is obviously enlightened by Escher, who is a Dutch graphic artist, and he is very famous for his mathematically woodcuts. Above picture is an script of him. The game mixed linear narrative, specific matching up soundtracks and Islam culture elements together. The producer mainly focus on the interactive story and make player dancing in the game. He uses Physics, Architecture and different angles of eye sights to form a magical, fantastic but in the mean time, a rational world. It also made multiple contradict spaces to show in front of players as we watch this two-dimension picture, witch is actually a none existence in three-dimension real world. The more clearer and real he draw, more obsesses and sometimes confuse people will get.

 Regeneration, duality and circulation are called graphics paradox, which are the core that giving the game a infinite playing process. Very abstract settings and complex puzzles; however, changing the game into an obscure and difficult one, but in the same time, making it an true artwork. The style of the architecture that represent Masjid and Islam religion go through the whole story of the game.

 It is one of the most energetic art piece in video games; an exception and a creative experiment that outstand the traditional beauty appreciates; a pioneer that leads an revolution.

  • Below is one of my favorites, I may talk about it next time. The religion music in it is well recognized.

Bioshock Infinite "Will the Circle Be Unbroken"