Romeo & Juliet: A Tragedy

Act II, Friar Lawrence, Jewoo Han. The day was silent, calm, but the night stirred up with young love. As I walk the paths of Verona with my hood and staff to give herbs I have gathered to the local Apothecary who makes cheap medicine for the poor. The sound of wood on gravel, and my feet pattering upon stone was all I heard until I passed by the Montague Manor. Quiet was the rest of Verona, but out of all the perch's one balcony was occupied. I knew it was no business of a priest to wander the nights, nor to wander so closely to a families house, but by our lords brow was I curious to investigate chatter at this time of night. Late was the night, but bright did the moon shine upon the garden, I hid next to a corner stone to see a figure come out. A normal night, one cannot find sleep probably and simply wants some fresh air. Just then when I was turing away, another person runs up the wall with much speed and grace, balancing on a tree to speak with the one on the balcony. I dared to walk closer, only to see the Capulet girl speaking with a Montague boy. I marveled at the sight of them two not trying to tear open one another's throat, but speaking tender words of love. Strange times of Verona indeed, my place amongst the action is unknown and I must wait and see.

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