Obsession: the domination of ones thought by a persistent idea

Lots of people are obsessed with mine-craft.

synonym: addicted

antonym: hate

agitate: to force into violent actions

The man agitated the dog with a stick.

synonym: aggravate

antonym: calming

Toiled: hard and continues work

The jews in the concentration camps toiled when they were there.

synonym:  work hard

antonym: lazy

grotesque: odd or unnatural in shape

The odd man was grotesque.

synonym: deformed

antonym: normal

feverish: restless

When the man died his family was feverish.

synonym: tired

antonym: energetic

convulsive: of the nature of a spasm

The monster was convulsive when he came to life.

synonym: spasms

antonym: still

devoured: to consume  recklessly

The flames devoured the house.

synonym: engulfed

antonym: untouched

anatomy: the science dealing with the structure of humans and all other things

In class we study the anatomy of a human.

synonym: the makeup of something


gnarled: having a rugged look

The old tree was gnarled after many years.

synonym: ugly

antonym: pretty

shunned: to keep away from because of dislike

The creature was shunned because he was ugly.

synonym: disliked

antonym: liked

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