Many of you have been using Thinglink in your classrooms and I am getting RAVE reviews from both teachers and students. I wanted to share a quick video on how you could take Thinglink to a different level.

Thinglink Resource:


Resources that support the SAMR model.

Ideas for further integrating technology into your classroom.


Ways to expand your ideas and resources.

I am always amazed at the amount of information and resources I am able to gather from Twitter. Over the summer many teachers asked me why/how I use Twitter - resources and networking is always my answer. But what if you don't want to sign-up for Twitter. Check out the video below and find out how you can search for resources without signing up for Twitter.


Fair use, Creative Commons, and other Copyright Resources

While working with some students the issue of copyrighted material and creative commons came up. One of my favorite sites for teaching students about fair use, copyright and creative commons is Common Sense Media.

Per their website:

"Common Sense Education provides teachers and schools with free research-based classroom tools to help students harness technology for learning and life. Our K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum and interactive games teach students how to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions in the digital world. And our revolutionary educational rating system,Graphite, helps educators discover, use, and share high-quality digital products that propel student learning."

Created By:

Nick Purdue
Twitter: @myedtech
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