Space Travel: Civilians or Scientists?

Should civilians be able to travel to space?

Every spaceship goes into space for a reason. Scientists fly to space to learn about the stars, the moon, rocks, the planets, and more. So why would civilians go to space? How would they train in enough time? What would they do? Is it safe?  Do agree or disagree? I don't agree and here is why.

Space travel should be only for scientists. Scientists are properly trained and have the supplies. If ordinary people don't train properly, their muscles might stiff up or weaken which would cause pain or even get seriously injured.

Another reason why civilians shouldn't be able to go to space is because they wouldn't have any reason to go there. Nasa should save their rockets for the astronauts. Rockets take a lot of time and money to build so they should save them for a research.

Even though it would be a once in a life time thing, its not safe. what would happen is something went wrong, civilians wouldn't know what to do. Anything can go wrong in space.

There are many reasons why people agree or disagree, but i think that space travel should only be for astronauts. Even scientists can mess up or have trouble. that is why i think civilians shouldn't be able to go to space.

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