Historically Significant Beauty

Italian Tapestries Deliver Historically Significant Beauty

Capturing Italian Scenes And Images


Interior Design Quality

A wall hanging in your home or office adds a layer of interior beauty that is often beyond compare. When incorporating Italian tapestries into your interior design you can expect to add historically significant beauty that would otherwise not be possible. Capturing Italian scenes and images of Italian history as well as many religious depictions, an Italian tapestry is the ideal piece to raise the bar in terms of interior design quality in your home. European weavers using classic looms are able to produce perfect reproductions of textile art works that are centuries old.

Fabric Wall Hangings

From medieval tapestries that depict the Renaissance and the popular arts and craft era, to landscape tapestries that bring nature indoors, fabric wall hangings are spectacular and impressive in their look and feel. The weaving of tapestries goes back hundreds of years, if not thousands of years and covers a wide span of diverse cultures. From ancient Egyptians to virtually every other type of culture throughout Europe, some form of tapestry creation and design was active throughout history. French medieval tapestries are perhaps the most significant of all historical textile art due to the fact that they have often been credited with beginning the textile art movement.

A Symbol Of Royal Status

Churches often displayed tapestries in days past as a way to illustrate biblical stories and other religious themes. During the Middle Ages, wall tapestries actually became a symbol of royal status among the aristocracy. Kings and noblemen carried tapestries on their travels as they meandered among castles. This was a way of helping others to identify nobility during that time period. From providing insulation for castles to providing privacy in old world structures, tapestries are both beautiful and functional. No other form of textile art offers the functionality and beauty that wall tapestries offer.


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