Junior Midterm Review

Here's a bunch of stuff to help you review for your exam

Here's the Texts We've Read
(know the author and main idea of each)

A Farewell to Arms
Summer Choice Reading
Hills Like White Elephants
Soldier's Home
The Great Gatsby
The Sky Tree
The Earth Only
Coyote Finishes His Work
A Narrative of the Captivity
Some Lines Upon the Burning...
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
The Crucible
The Autobiography of Ben Franklin
Poor Richard's Almanac
Speech to the Virginia Convention
The Crisis
The Declaration of Independence
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Part One is QUOTE Identification

There will be TEN quotes listed, and you'll need to pick FIVE. For each item, tell me:

A) Who said it
B) In which story/book?
C) Why is this quote important?

Here's an example:
"Can't repeat the past? Why of course you can, Old Sport!"

A) Jay Gatsby said this in...
B) The Great Gatsby
C) It shows he's obsessed with going back to his old life & winning back Daisy

Part Two is LITERARY TERM Identification

There will be TEN terms listed, and you'll need to pick FIVE. For each item, tell me:

A) What the term means
B) An example of the term

Here's an example:
"Hemingway Hero"

A) Hemingway heroes are stoic, macho, and action-oriented individuals.
B) Lt. Krebs (from the story "Soldiers Home") is a Hemingway Hero.

(Literary terms are usually found in BIG BOLD LETTERS in your notes/Prezis)

Part Three is the ESSAY

There will be THREE essay prompts provided. I'll pick one, and you'll pick one.
EVERYONE MUST COMPLETE TWO ESSAYS!!! So you'll want to know your...

A) Major themes
B) Major texts
C) Major characters

Think about the "big ideas" that connected these stories, characters, and underlying messages. Reading the group review document (linked below) will be very helpful for this part of the exam.