Dota 2


Dota 2 is online videogame that you can also play alone, but it's more fun when u play it with your friends.

The idea of the game is to destroy enemy's ancient, it's the main building, if enemy destroys your ancient you lose the game. You have to defend you ancient and try to "push" to the enemy base.

To play this game you will need: computer, keyboard, mouse, display and steam that you can download from internet.

I've played this game only for a while but I had tried this game before but didn't start to play it.

Usually when I play Dota 2 I play it with my friends but sometimes I play alone also.

I enjoy playing this game because it's almost like League of Legends, it's fun to play with friends and it's really good way to use your free time.

I would recommend this game to someone who likes to play League of Legends, or just likes to play games on computer.

Here's also a vide clip from the game.

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