Internet Safety Rules

Be Smart Online

These are my Internet Safety Rules

1. I will not give out any of my personal information such as my phone number, where I live, where I go to school, or  my age.

2. I will tell my parents if someone makes me feel uncomfortable on the internet.

3. I will never agree to meet up with someone on the internet.

4. I will talk with my parents about posting pictures that include myself, my friends, or my family.

5. I will not respond to any messages that are mean or make me feel uncomfortable.

6. I will talk with my parents about rules on the online web.

7. Remember to keep your online password private and never give it out to anybody but your parents.

8. Visit websites that are appropriate and don't visit websites that are inappropriate.

9. Do not enter your personal information on pop up ads, even if they are tempting.

10. Your information is stored on your computer.  Don't download any apps without your parents permission; you could download a virus.

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3 years ago

Internet Safety Rules

These are my internet safety rules. You should folllw them because I got them from trusted websites like http//, and http//, and http// I hope you enjoy my 10 internet safety rules. Remember...BE SAFE!!!!