Development of Solar Collector

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The definition of solar collector: a kind of device which absorbs solar radiation energy through solar tube and then transfers heat to the working medium. It is a special kind of heat exchanger. Solar collector is made up of heat absorbing plate, shell body, transparent cover plate, thermal insulation material and other relevant parts. After adding circular pipes and heat preservation water tank, solar collector can absorb sun radiation then heat up the water temperature. In modern times, with the rapid development of science and technology, people's understanding of the sun also reached an unprecedented height and we can make full use of the solar energy. Especially after the reform and opening up, Chinese people's living standards improve gradually. Clean and convenient solar water heaters gradually entered the ordinary people. Solar collector makes people pay more attention to solar energy.

All countries in the world spare no efforts to find new energy alternatives. We may pride ourselves that China's solar energy technology leads the world. Chinese production is so huge in solar water heater and is also a major exporter in the world. A group of Chinese companies develop high-speed. With the progress of science and technology, people continue to improve the solar collector. Flat plate collector will gradually replace vacuum tube collector such as u pipe solar collector. At present, the heat efficiency of flat solar collector is commonly 60% but and the thermal efficiency of u pipe solar collector is commonly 50%.

The temperature is 50 ℃ inside the collector and the instantaneous thermal efficiency of flat plate collectors is greater than u pipe solar collector. Flat solar collector got rapid development in recent years, but there are some problems in the development process. They are closely related to the equipment development. At present, the development of the flat plate collector in our country is still in the exploratory stage. With the development of the plate solar water heater market in recent years, a lot of solar energy heat utilization enterprises on solar flat panel collector make a start on assembly line. Now manufacturers specializing in the production of equipment do not only make flat equipment research and development, they have also been doing flat equipment production research and development. Flat solar collector and water heater in solar thermal utilization has a great advantage in dealing with the world environment and energy saving and emission reduction. Along with the advance of society and technology, in terms of solar energy and integrated building, flat solar water heater has achieved technical progress in recent years. Improvement of living standards of residents also makes the development and the production of high quality of solar water heater products become the development direction in the future. As the technical level of the water heater and flat solar collector rise, flat solar collector which contains solar tube and water heater will gain greater development and the market share will also continue to increase.

The future world will belong to the world of solar energy. Solar collector will continue to develop in depth and development speed will increase rapidly. We supply the following products: solar direct solar water heater solar water heater collector solar collector system

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