By: Sierra Fessler

One of Odysseus' heroic qualities is that he his a good leader. Odysseus is a good leader because he always puts himself in front of the other sailors, "the rest of you loyal friends stay here, while I and my crew take ship and to find out who these men are." That quote from the story proved that he is a good leader by leaving some men on the ship even though he led them into a bad situation he got them out.

Another heroic quality Odysseus has is that he is smart and resourceful, "I held the sharpened olivewood stake, and thrust it into his eye." This shows he is resourceful and smart because he used his stake and told the Cyclopes that 'nobody' was killing him so in pain the Cyclopes opened the cave and they escaped.

The last heroic quality Odysseus has is that he is strong. I think that he is strong because he defeated the Cyclopes by stabbing him in the eye with a stake that he had to file down and make sharp and pointy. "While I threw my weight on the end of the stake, and twisted round and round," I think that quote proved he is strong because Odysseus is the one that actually pushed the stake into his eye causing him to open the cave.


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