The Sewing Machine

Hannah Smith, Mrs.Williams' 1 paragraph

                  In 1841,  Barthélemy Thimonnier an inventor from France built the sewing machine. I thought the sewing machine is important, because we would of had to hand stitched all of our clothing if we wanted something new. Some people that would use a sewing machine would include; someone who wanted to repair ripped clothes, a fashion designer, or a modern artisan. I feel like we can not live without sewing machines, because it what's puts fabric together to make a chair. If you look around you can see that almost everything is stitched; the cloths you wear, the chair you sit on, or what keeps you warm in bed. It affected society by making new thing or clothes that have never been made or worn.

                   The sewing machine works by a needle that moves up and down to push a loop of thread down through layers of fabric.  An assembly called the feed dog holds the fabric in place. The feed dog is located on the base of the sewing machine, just below the needle. Fabric is placed directly on top of the feed dog. Different brands or type of sewing machines you can feed the fabric in between  the feed dog and the needle with your hands or with a different type of machine; automatically.

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