Civil War Dairy  

My name is Meadow and I am 20. I am apart of the Union. And I live in Akron, Ohio. It is 1861. The people who live with me are My husband,Miller, and our two daughters, Maggie who is 10 and Mallory who is 6. And our son, Maverick who is 3 months old. My Husband Miller is stationed in New York.

Day 1:

May 5, 1861

Today I  first made the girls their favorite breakfast. And feed Maverick his bottle. After that   we headed into town to purchase some feed for our pigs, chickens and our horses. When we got home I went and feed the animals. Later that morning I prepared a care package that will be going the the soldiers at war. That afternoon I took the kids down to the creek so they could cool off. After that  we went home and Maggie an I started dinner for the fellow soldier's families. After that I helped the children prepare for bed.    

Day 2:

May 6,1861

          Dear Miller,

         Oh Dear Miller how me and the children miss you so. It seems like you have been gone for ten years , and its only been and has only been seven months! I can't wait for you to meet Maverick!

      How many Union Soldiers died at the battle of Fort Sumter? Did any of our relatives  die? If so how many?

    Oh dear Miller please come home safely. The children and I love you!  


                                                                                                  Yours truly,


Day 3:

This morning Maverick had gotten sick, so I sent Maggie to town to fetch Maverick some meds. And I sent Mallory to fetch some milk from the cows. After I put Maverick down for a nap I prepared 2 prepackages for the men who are serving. Then I hung the flag from the flag pole.      

Day 4:

I finally received a letter back from Miller, and the kids were so excited, and I had so many emotions going though my brain I didn't know what to say. When I began to read the letter I began to cry because Miller is going to be away for another year! I didn't know what to think, I was stunned! Miller would have to march  all the way to California and that would take at least 2 months and then he would fight. Then he is going to march to Florida than back home! Oh how I miss my dear Miller!

Day 5:

      Today I found out that President Lincoln had been shot! How could someone shot our beloved President! President Lincoln had led us through the war  and know he is dead! The person who shot Lincoln was John Wilkes Booth. He is a terrible man!

       My dear Miller is coming home! I am so exited! The kids are also super excited about their father coming home! And Miller will finally gets to meet Maverick! Maverick is know 1 1/2 years old. Maggie is know is almost 12, and Mallory is know almost 9.

       When Miller got home today we were both in tears, and the kids came out of their room and they srcemed "FATHER!" They were so excited to see him! And Miller finally got to meet Maverick. Miller started to cry even harder when Maverick came out of his room. Miller gave all of  us a big hug! God bless the U.S.A.!


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