Brigid O’Malley of Naples, a master of social media

Brigid O’Malley of Naples is an expert in communications and has built her entire career around this interesting and diverse practice. She has put in a successful history and career in the specialty that is valuable to organizations throughout the land. She is worked for a number of organizations in a number of positions for more than 20 years and counting. She is a skilled communications strategist that is a media relations expert as well as an accomplished professional writer. Her specialty is in communicating on every available channel and aspect of communications in existence today. With such a variety of channels to express information over it is important to have a strategy in place that is effective and engaging for the reader. Today’s mediums range in technologies from the print and paper of yesteryear to the electronic delivery systems that we know so well today. Among those channels is the advent of social media. Social media is a revolutionary new channel that allows for the instant distribution of information to a wide and engaged audience. It is become a central concern and goal of a great deal of organizations in recent years and integrating an effective strategy into the operations of an organization is exactly the kind of task that she is skilled in. Quite frankly most organizations do not do this well because they do not have the experience and strategy in place to leverage this as effectively as possible. That is exactly what O’Malley delivers and she is doing it each and every day. Her experience in effective communications and engaging content is part of the spectrum of skills that she brings to each engagement.

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