My Life

My name is Da'Kayla Marie Johnson , I was born to Demetrel and Kenneth Johnson. I was born in Port Arthur Texas . I had a rough childhood . Something I Haven't spoke about because I have not build up the courage to talk about it . I grown kind of fast , At the age of 15 I find out I was pregnant with my first child , my Mother was a way doing time because of her of action in her pass. So Ex-boyfriend , Mother step up and help me out I went in labor on 7th of march in 2012 my mother was home for the birth of my child. My mama made up for last time and was there for . By the winter time of December I was pregnant with my second time for the same guy . He went away for something he had got accused of doing and wasn't third for the birth of our child . My son was born preterm and had to stay in the hospital . My boyfriend was released in February , he came home and help not in two months later I was pregnant with my third child and I had drop out of school he broke up with so I move back home with my mama .

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