Nicholas II (Unreliable)

Nicholas II liked Autocracy the most when it came to the structure of the government he was in charge of. Although he believed this, he was forced into a constitutional democracy after Bloody Sunday in order to prevent an uprising of the people.

Long Term Goals

Nicholas the second was the successor of his father, Alexander III and it was his goal to follow in his footsteps when it came to political power and ruling. His plan was to continue his absolute power through autocracy and rule his nation through fear and mistrust of the public. Nicholas was determined for Russia to do well and win when it came to military operations, battles, and war and he showed that through fighting and serving in the military.

Legacy and Accomplishments

Throughout his power, Nicholas II was not a very dominant force. Often abandoning his position as Russia's leader, he left his wife in charge which led to the downfall of the Russian Monarchy. Again being away on vacation when Bloody Sunday occurred, his troops and guards turned a peaceful protest into a massacre without his presence even being there. He was awarded the the Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath and the Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order in 1904 and was knighted in 1893. Finally, Nicholas II said and his family were canonized in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia for being Martyrs in 1981.

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