Statistics on drunk driving

According to the SAAQ, drunk driving is one of the principal causes of accident in Quebec. Every year, on average, drunk driving kills 190 person, seriously injured 410 people and 2070 person has minor injuries. From 2008 and 2010, 38% of drivers who died in a car accident had a blood alcohol level over the legal limit (0,08). 47% of the people who died on the road had drink alcohol. The majority of that 47% had blood alcohol level over 0,15. In Canada, the group age with the most incident of drunk driving is from 20 to 24 years old with around 800 incidents. The lowest group is the 65 years old and over with less than 100 incidents. The police reports show that there the most incident around midnight on Fridays, with 3 500 incidents in 2011. Also in 2011, the week end or holiday with the most incidents is Canada day (July 1 to July3) with 1449 incidents. In 2011, in Canada, using a social cost model, cars accidents cost 20,61 billion dollars.

With all these numbers, we can conclude that in Quebec and in Canada drunk driving is a serious problem and big social issues. Programs to prevent that issue are in place, at least in Quebec. For example during Christmas time, there’s a program called Opération Nez Rouge. It is very popular since it cost nothing and helps a lot of people. You call the to reserve a place and tell them what time you want to be pick up at. Then drivers come and pick you wild his associate take your keys and drives your car home. Also, when I was in high school we had a conference with a person who drove drunk . He told us story witch hurt us all, it marked us. I recommend these measure to prevent drunk driving.

Nicolas Fournier

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