1) What "new information" has been created in your timeline alliance merely by aligning the research on various countries in the same space?

Through Tiki Toki, I realized that some of the events occur simultaneously in different parts of the world, not to mention all our countries (our alliance) was made of countries that were once colonized by Great Britain and/or other European countries.

2) How different are the new insights you get from viewing the timeline of another alliance of countries? Why do you think these differences exist?

3) Can you see any relevance in any of the alliances' timelines to your recollections about Chinese history in this time period?

4) What possibilities does this format open up, and how is this format limiting?

5) Is this format more enjoyable and easier to understand? Does that make it more valuable than a separate wikipedia page for each country?

Some of you have been debating in Mathematics about whether accurate measurement exists.

6) Is it possible to plot the timeline of a country's historical events with indisputably accurate dates?

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2 years ago

Thanks for introducing me to Tiki Toki