What is a Psychologist?

A psychologist is someone who ensures the mental health of children, adults, and elders. They preform testing, conduct research, and evaluate and treat a full range of psychological problems.

What is the typical working environment for a Psychologist?

The answer is, it depends! If you're thinking about going into forensic psychology you would find yourself in courthouses, police stations, or criminal detention centers. If you're considering being a clinical psychology then your working environments would be a hospital or other mental health locations. Most psychologists work in a private office and can create their own work schedule. If you're working in a place like a school, then your schedule might be more planned out.

What kind of education will I need to become a Psychologist?

Licensure will require a Doctoral degree and at least two years of supervised experience in direct clinical service. So of course a psychologist will get more education in the mental health service than any other mental health professional. Also, if you're a practicing psychologist you will need a license or certification.

How much does a Psychologist get paid?

The average wage of a psychologist was $69,280 in 2012.

Benefits of being a Psychologist

Choosing the psychology career path definitely has its perks. If you can connect well with people and enjoy talking one-on-one you will have a great time studying and practicing this career. Your "people skills" will definitely increase if you're doing good at your job, and plus you'll be making money! That's always a benefit. :)

Job Outlook

Employment of psychologist is predicted to grow 12% from 2012 to 2022. That's about as fast as all other occupations. The employment growth will fluctuate between different types of psychologists.

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