World War I Photo Essay

Cause of War

After the assassination of Franz Ferdinand (the heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne), Austria-Hungary demanded Serbia to remove certain political leaders, to arrest all involved in the assassination, and many other demands. Serbia had 48 hours to do these things. After Serbia refused, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Many alliances were formed shortly afterwards. The Allies were Great Britain, France, and Russia. Germany and Austria-Hungary were the Central Powers. This photo shows a women giving flowers to a Prussian soldier who is about to go into war. #TheAllies #alliances #CentralPowers

Weaponry & Technology

This is a picture of the back of a British gun. A British soldier wrote on the breech of the gun "May it be a happy ending." #militarism

The soldiers above are unloading "Pill box demolishers" on the Western Front. These shells weighed 1,400 lbs and their explosions made 15 ft. deep craters that were 15 yards wide. #totalwar

Soldier Life

The photo above shows German troops firing from a trench. Soldiers would fire from the trenches because it was much safer than standing in the open. The conditions in the trenches were terrible and unsanitary. Many soldiers would often get diseases and trench foot in the trenches. #trenchlife #harshconditions #nationalism

Soldiers used gas masks when going through gas training. To prepare for the deadly gases being used in World War I, the soldiers went through gas training. Some of the gases used were tear gas, mustard gas, and lethal agents like phosgene. #totalwar #soldiertraining

Civilian Life

The photo above shows people from the German Red Cross trying to revive dying German soldiers. During World War I, many people wanted to get involved and help out their nation. Some joined the Red Cross and gathered supplies for soldiers at war. Other people helped by joining the army. #militarism #nationalism

The photo above shows people in a German kitchen. This is where they prepared meals for the Germans soldiers. #militarism #nationalism

Impact of WWI

Trenches still remain in the places where World War I was fought. Fields are damaged from the craters that the shells made in World War I. Also, unexploded land mines still remain in the old battleground areas which makes it dangerous for people to walk on. #Aftermath


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