Huckleberry Finn

Chapter 38

Where does Tom learn about all these things that prisoners have to do?

Plot Summary

Jim's coat of arms and mournful sentences

Creatures to stay with Jim (Spiders, rattlesnakes, rats)

Plant in the corner


Character Changes

Jim: Again we find out how ignorant he is

Huck: Won't argue with Tom because he just goes along with people. Respectfully disagrees.

Tom: Same as before, wants to make his stories a reality

This chapter had a tone of being frivolous. Tom is just suggesting wasteful things and strategies to help him feel like it's a book.

Literary Devices

Irony: "A fess is- you don't need to know what a fess is." pg. 195      Tom has no idea.

Hyperbole: "We go her half way; and then we was plumb played out, and most drownded with sweat." pg. 197

Satire: "He could out-superintend any boy I ever see. He knowed how to do everything." pg. 196

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