Heritage Elementary
Spanish Newsletter
January 2017

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great break. We started our semester with a snowy theme. My friends, Olaf and Frosty, came to class with me. (Alabama is no place for a snowman! Olaf and Frosty are feeling the heat!) In class we sang "Mi Hombre de Nieve" which is a song about a snowman and set to the tune of Frosty the Snowman. We practiced some vocabulary associated with the snowman song. Students dressed me up like a snowman. After they had practiced putting a "sombrero" on my head, "una bufanda" around my neck, and "los guantes" on my hands they dressed Olaf. Olaf was "triste" because he didn't have "un sombrero", "los guantes", or "una bufanda". They found it very funny because the hat, scarf, and gloves were way too big for little Olaf.  During another class Olaf was sad because he didn't have a hat, scarf, or gloves.  He asked his friends for a hat,  a scarf and some gloves and they shared, of course!  Olaf was very happy!  We did all of this in Spanish which was very exciting for Señora Jones.

Looking ahead we will be continuing our snowman unit with the Kindergarten, First graders and second graders will be learning body parts and reading the book "Fuera de Aquí, Horrible Monstruo Verde" by Ed Emberly.

I would like to thank the Madison Street Festival Committee for awarding Heritage a grant of $200 to buy Spanish books for the school library.  We were able to order 13 books for the school library.  Awesome!  

Stay warm! No, wait it's in the 60s right now...stay cool! Or it could be cold again by the time you read this...who knows? Whatever the weather...your students are awesome and I am blessed to be their teacher! Gracias.

Thank You Madison Street Festival!

Mrs. Hester's Kindergarten Class

Colors in Mrs. Sims' First Grade Class

Mrs. Harris' Second Grade Class

Mrs. White's Fourth Grade Class

The three Spanish teachers are presenting at the Alabama World Language conference.  We're sharing the exciting successes we have seen with our students.   Recently I videoed some fourth grade students to see what they remembered from last year.  They haven't had Spanish since last May!.  They did great!!!  So exciting!

Mrs. Doughty's  Fourth Grade Class

Mrs. Kell's Third Grade Class

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