Germanium (Ge) Atomic Number 32   Atomic Mass 72.61

Ever feel like a wimp, with broken bones and low energy?   Well germanium can fix that, introducing, MANLY GERMANIUM.  

Properties: Inactive element, can dissolve in hot acids, semiconductor, can combine with chlorine, bromine, and small amounts of arsenic, gallium, indium, antimony, and phosphorus.

It can heal your broken bones and your fatigue!    Another version of germanium can be used as self defense as well, just dip a blade in germanium, and you just got yourself a deadly poisonous blade.

It can even be used to circulate more blood to your brain, which can support your immune system, like an antioxidant.

It can also be used a light source, say you were in the dark area, germanium can be used to make fluorescent lamps (recommended that you make it pocket size).

If you combine germanium with SMALL amounts of arsenic, gallium, indium, antimony, or phosphorus, germanium can be used in transistors for electronic devices, like metal detectors.

There are only 2 bad things about germanium.    1. Serious safety concerns     2. Destruction of certain bacteria.

Overall, germanium can be very helpful for survival, it can heal your bones and fatigue, can be used for self defense, and can support your immune system. If you didn't bring germanium with you and you happen to break a couple of bones, you'll regret not bringing germanium with you.

Rank Em

Biological Need - 4.5/5    Can heal broken bones and fatigue

Social Need - 1/5

Functional Need 2/5

Defensive Need 5/5   Can be used as poison as well (other version)

(Rank Em is in the slideshow below as well).

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