What is Thermodynamics?

Thermodynamics is another type of physics that is related with the relationships between heat and other forms of energy. It describes how thermal energy is transferred to other kinds of energy, and also how matter ties into it.

Thermal Energy

Thermal Energy is related to temperature. The energy of moving or vibrating molecules. Thermodynamics is involved in measuring the energy, which can be very complicating.


The amount of heat transferred by something depends on the number of atoms or molecules and the past it is going at. The quicker the atoms and molecules go, the temperature will be higher.

Heat Transfer  

heat can be easily transferred from one person, to another, or even between a body. There are 3 different meanings: conduction, covection, and radiation. Conduction is the transformation of energy through a solid material.  Convection is the transfer of heat to or form a fluid medium. Radiation is the emission of electromagnetic energy infared photons that carry heat energy.

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