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Using Tech to Help Your Students Make
Effective Presentations

Classroom presentations depend on purposeful writing.


Developing an effective presentation for a specific audience requires students to read, write, speak, and listen. Regardless of the format (e.g., spoken, written, multimedia), prior to making a presentation, students need to review their draft presentations. This step of “polishing” involves revising and editing skills.

Instructional Strategies and Tools

Help your students succeed by focusing on instructional strategies and tools for Reviewing and Presenting.


TIP: Based on their differentiated needs, guide your students to acquire a variety of tools, strategies, and techniques to help them successfully review, revise, and edit their drafts.


TIP: Differentiate instruction by providing step-by-step tutorials and models for various presentation tools, while allowing more proficient students to explore additional resources.

Classroom Examples

See these strategies in action with our example lessons:

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