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Week Commencing- 18th May 2015

Headteacher's Blog

Tom and Chloe

Our Headboy and Headgirl with their senior prefects and a few other volunteers did the school and their peers proud this week. On Thursday they held the Year 13 leavers’ celebration in our school theatre. The theme of a Mad Hatter’s tea party was perfect and their attention to detail made it all the more special. Whilst others were at home the evening before preparing outfits, the 20 or so senior prefects led by Tom and Chloe were busy preparing the venue until they left site at about 8.00pm. It is not easy to run a celebration like this in the middle of an exam season as the following day the theatre needed to be reset for examinations. But they showed us how it could be done. When everyone left after the event they kept on working and ensured that everything would be ready for Year 11 the next morning. I want to offer my personal thanks to them this week. Organising an event like this is not easy and doing it as well as they did was impressive. I will miss both of them but am pleased that the senior prefects of this year are supporting Mrs Dodd in electing the Senior prefects and Head Boy and Head Girl for next year. I would also like to let Year 13 and Year 11 know how proud I am of their hard work and conduct in school this week.

On Friday evening I made my final visit to the middle schools to meet with parents and to hold an assembly at Ryecroft. It could not be more timely. As we say goodbye to our Year 13 I got to meet our new Year 9. When I met them for our assembly on Friday they did their middle school proud and I am very much looking forward to welcoming them to Thomas Alleyne’s. In our final parents meeting I was asked about the school farm, our attitude towards options and also setting. I hope parents have felt they have been able to get answers to their questions. If you were not able to attend we have our transition evenings and days after half term and if you would like to visit the school during the school day we will be offering a number of open days for you. One parent asked me a simple question which was what my ambitions for Thomas Alleyne’s were. The answer is simple if a challenge. We know we will not always get things right and I hope you will talk to us when this is the case. However my ambition is for parents and students to be proud of the school they have; knowing that we will do all we can to support your son or daughter to progress both academically and as an individual.

Our monitoring inspection has indicated we are on the right track. They validated all of our internal self evaluation judgements which were 2(good) and suggested we had been conservative in our estimations in some areas where there are aspects of our school which they considered to be be 1(outstanding) They described students' behaviour as ‘impeccable’ in their comment below about behaviour and attitude:
'Behaviour around school is impeccable. Students are very well mannered, polite and courteous. They move around the school calmly and have good relationships with teachers and other students.’

Please see the copy of the summary judgements below.

Categorisation (Ofsted criteria) The school is taking effective action at appropriate pace.

Please ensure that you support us with ensuring that your son and daughter arrives at school on time, well dressed and equipped and that you avoid taking holidays in school time. Thank you to parents who are supporting their sons and daughters through their examinations at the moment. I know how hard many students are working and as I have said there is a long summer holiday ahead and all the hard work will be worth it. Thank you also to staff and governors for their work this half term. Have a lovely half term.

Year 13 Leavers Day

Leaver’s day for year 13’s, on Thursday 21st of May, marked an end to their compulsory education but a start to a whole new world of opportunities and independence. As two members of the senior prefect team we have had the privilege to organise this special day with our close team of 12, ensuring that the day was memorable and entertaining.

The chosen theme was Alice in Wonderland which allowed us to be creative with the decoration of the theatre. Working late into Wednesday night, the senior prefect team and a few helpers, led by our dedicated head boy and head girl, Tom and Chloe, we were able to create a tea party fit for any mad hatter. With decorations of playing cards, fake grass and fairy lights along with teapots and mismatched cups, our vision of the theatre soon came to life. The main attraction within our decorations consisted of a vintage sweet cart which we hired, with a variety of traditional pick and mix for our upper sixth guests and an outstanding themed cake from ‘Piece of Magic’ which was not only aesthetically pleasing but tasted marvellous too!

The day commenced with gatherings amongst friends in their form room providing everyone a photo opportunity in their formal attire which surely ended up on every social media possible. This was followed by the issuing of the yearbooks which quickly got filled with autographs and messages from others, allowing the creation of a momentum to treasure for years to come. The day then progressed to the first bout of entertainment, providing the audience with a funny and very realistic video of ‘a day in the life of a sixth former’ by one of our senior prefects, Jonathon Titterton, a highly amusing teacher based video revolving around the song ‘Uptown Funk’ and then a quiz with a twist from our beloved Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Dodd. Mrs Rudge spoke to Year 13 students with tales of her Leavers Day and lasting friendships. She wished us all well and good luck for the future.

Continuing with our day, we were blessed with nice weather as we walked (or hobbled in high heels) to the church where we had some speeches from teachers, Reverend Willetts and our Head Boy, Head Girl and our deputies, as well as a musical piece by Olivia Cann and Theo Hall. The visit to the church has always been a tradition, from having a visit on our first day of year 9 to a visit on our last in the sixth form, the church signifies the full circle at Thomas Alleyne’s for the majority of us.

We returned for lunch, a delectable feast of succulent pork baps and delved into the masterpiece that was the cake, plus the array of different sweet things we had arranged. This is then where we settled in the theatre for the awards. The awards ranged from ‘best looking boy/girl’ to ‘most likely to appear on Jeremy Kyle’. Winners and runners-up were voted by their peers and received a certificate and trophy to keep. The entertainment then flourished into a mock-up of TV show ‘Take Me Out’ hosted by our very own Paddy McBeech (Head of Biology, Mr Beech) where a gaggle of different boys (and the odd teacher or two), dressed up as our ‘single ladies’. The men then had to compete for the ‘ladies’ using their wit and charm as well as an accompanying video. The outcome of the dating extravaganza resulted in two lucky men getting a date but sadly, one ‘blackout’ or as Paddy McBeech would say “no likey, no lighty”.

At 2:15 the day’s events came to an end and the senior prefects cleared away the decoration of the theatre with the site team and staff. The main message of the day, especially from us and the rest of the senior prefects, is that our time at Alleyne’s has been very memorable, surrounded by some inspirational people and being supported by some truly remarkable staff. To all the Year 13’s, whatever your plans for the future are and wherever you end up, we wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoyed your day.

Hannah Purdy and Frazer Snowden

Senior Prefects                               

Thomas Alleynes District Football Cup Winners

Thomas Alleyne's year 9 football team have finished the season as district cup winners following a nail biting 4-3 win over Cheadle at Northwood Stadium. Alleyne's came into the game having lost 4-3 to the same opponents the previous week in the league play off at Rocester FC.

Alleyne's were 3-1 up at one stage and despite the majority of the possession and chances were undone by some electric pace from the Cheadle front 2 and then were frustrated as Cheadle parked the bus for the last 10 minutes. Determined to finish the season with some silverware and to right the wrongs of the previous week, Mr Barrow kept the same squad for the cup final and together with the loyal band of supporters travelled to Northwood in Stoke-on-Trent. Alleyne's made a disastrous start conceding a penalty, which Cheadle scored. Alleyne's maintained their composure though and played the better football equalising through Rob Hepburn. Cheadle again took the lead after a mistake in the Uttoxeter defence allowed Cheadle's danger man to score. The game changer happened just before half time when left winger Josh Ede fired an equaliser.

  Alleyne's dominated the start of the second half and went in front through a header from man of the match Hepburn and then sealed the game with a cool finish from Ede. The drama wasn't finished though as Cheadle scored to make it 4-3 with 5 minutes left to leave Alleyne's with a nervy finish. Finally though the referee blew his whistle for full time and it was Alleyne's who could enjoy the Apple Tize and end the season on a high

Uttoxeter Rotary Club Young Photographer of the Year

Thomas Alleyne's High School students feature prominently amongst the list of names as Winner, highly commended or commended . Well done to all those who have entered, the standard has been particularly high, as always, and the range of work staggering. This year was the first year Y9-11 entered some work and Jess Jeffery and Jack Ashby have received commendations for their work too- very pleasing to see students put their work forward to a wider audience.

The Art staff have worked very hard with our students to develop their individuality and bring out their creativity, and are justifiably proud of the work produced. Subjects have included traditional landscapes, portraits and more experimental work, all 6th form work has been through a creative process of selection, modification, and review as part of their A Level Photography studies.

The Uttoxeter section prize winners will be receiving certificates from The Uttoxeter Rotary Club at our Applied Art exhibition on Thurs 18th June 5:30-7:30pm.
We should here news from the regional event of the Young Photographer of the Year competition shortly and will pass on any news.

Teaching & Learning

You may be interested to know that Thomas Alleyne's recently applied to take part in a prestigious national research project related to assessment of student work. The project, funded by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, lasts for two years and it is designed to measure the impact of assessment materials designed by a leading educationalist called Dylan William. The research would feature all of our teachers trying out the assessment material with their classes and meeting regularly with each other in order to evaluate their effectiveness. The school was pleased to be shortlisted for an interview and this took place last Friday. We are looking forward to hearing if we have been successful in our application.

Revision Sessions

Year 10 French Speaking

Year 10 French speaking controlled assessments start after half term. Ensure that you use half term to memorise your draft.

School Walk

A reminder that the school walk is taking place this year on Friday 10th July. Sponsor forms will be given out on the first week back after half term with monies raised to make donations to various charities supported by lower school and sixth form students, and also to support school visits and activities.

School Crossing Patrol

We have been informed that there will be no School Crossing Patrol on Bradley Street/Silver Street from 1st June.

For the safety of everyone who usually crosses from the direction of the bus station ensure that the Pelican Crossing Point is used at all times and to cross with care.

The World of Maths

GCSE Half term revision - please come to C-Block Thursday 9am - 1pm for all foundation tier students (sets 11H3B, 11H4, 11H5, 11U3, 11U4 and 11U5)

Friday 9am - 1pm for higher tier students aiming at grade B/A (sets 11H2, 11H3A, 11U2 and 11U2A)

GCSE Revision sessions after half term - these sessions are open to all students. Please come to C-Block and look at the posters to see which classroom your group is in.

Tuesday 2nd June - period 3 (11.20 - 12.20), period 5 (2.05 - 3.05) and afterschool Wednesday 3rd June - period 2 (10 - 11am), period 3 (11.20 - 12.20), period 5 (2.05 - 3.05) and afterschool Thursday 4th June - pre-exam revision starting from 7.50am (non-calculator exam starts at 9am) and afterschool Saturday 6th June 9.30am - 12.30pm Monday 8th June - pre-exam revision starting from 7.50am (calculator exam starts at 9am)

Equipment for maths exams:Black pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, compass, protractor and scientific calculator - all equipment is available to purchase from the maths department.

A-Level Revision Sessions Year 13 are more than welcome to come in at any point during study leave.

Missive from Science

This week we say goodbye to our Year 13 Science students. We wish them all well in their chosen career paths.

Year 11 students also finish their formal Science lessons this week. We look forward to welcoming back as many as possible in September to further their Science education.

This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mrs Faizey are:

Lauren Walker and Chloe Massey in Year 9

Will Harris and Laura Wilson in Year 10.

This week’s Environmental Land Based Science Students of the Week selected by Mr Gilson are:

Jack and Jessica Waddington in Year 10.

Very well done to all.

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Top Tackker of the Week

New Menu

Entrust have joined in partnership with Chartwells, part of the Compass Group, to develop catering services across Staffordshire.

With effect from June 1st, menus will be changing in our Canteen and you will probably see other changes as well as Chartwells begin to implement their ways of working.
This doesn't mean any changes in staff - everyone has been transferred to the new company. Nor does it mean any increase in prices - a school lunch still represents amazing value for money - so please give it a try if you haven't bought anything recently - you might be surprised just how good the food is!

Please find below the new menus for your information

Sports News

Year 10 boys GCSE Rounders team took part in their first tournament yesterday. Playing fixtures against Paget, Robert Sutton and William Allitt. While Alleyne's did not make it through to the county finals, the tournament enabled our students to develop their skills and see if rounders could be a sport they could use for their GCSE assessment.

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