Your Hero Jeff

My name is Thomas Jefferson, also known as your hero. Well first off I was born on April 13, 1743. I'm still young too! OK so, let me tell ya'll a little bit about me and how I started being interested in laws. I LOVE vanilla ice cream and my grandchildren.

In 1767, I began practicing law in Virginia. It was hard but i did it anyway and look where I am  today... ON THE INTERNET TELLING MY STORY! Back in 1776, I drafted the first version of the Declaration of Independence. I've helped so many people by writing the DI (Declaration of Independence.)

I'm 271 years old and whenever I get called home I only want three of my accomplishments on my tombstones: Author of Declaration of American Independence, Author of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, and Father of the University of Virginia.  I practiced law with a great success. During these years of me studying I met this beautiful woman named Martha Wayles Skelton.

This is a picture I took back in the 1700's.  The question is do you really, really, and truly miss me?

We need to keep our government good and acceptable with making it safe. I made a statement to infer that most governments make harsh laws that are bad. We as people have to come together and make this a better government!

Watch my biography! I've come a long way.

Please watch these mini films of me!

Shout out to all my fellow people from Albemarle County, Virginia! I'm still here come visit me, I'll tell you how to accomplish and be focus just like I was.

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