How You Can Boost Your Sales Through SMS Marketing

Did you know that out of 7 billion people in the world, 6 billion have mobile phone? 6 billion people, this is more than people who have access to toilets (4.5 billion people only have access to toilets just FYI).

Now if you are planning to have your own business or have an existing business. This is the best time to take advantage of this vast possible clients. In the past Email Marketing was a Boom Marketing strategy. But that was history. Now with the help of technology SMS or TEXT is way faster and easier to use. Here are some tips on how to boost your market with SMS marketing Singapore.

1. Keep it Professional.

Text lingo is inappropriate to use if you wish to boost your product or service or business. Don’t forget the people you’re trying to reach out are possible clients unless your business is tended to the younger audience.

2. Keep it short

Remember you are using SMS Short Message Service. Most of the carriers limits you to 160 characters only. Make every character counts

3. Choose your words correctly.

The first words in your message can give you the chance to get the clients attention. So plan and choose the words correctly

4. Timing is everything.

According to statistics people do positively reply to SMS marketing during the late afternoon up to early evening.

5. Hate Spam!!

All of us hate getting repeated SMS. Too much sending SMS to your clients will lead you to the drain so manage to send those SMS


Give your SMS some emotions. How?? Capitalize important words. This is will surely get their Attention. But don’t capitalize all your words or else this will be automatically be deleted

7. Don’t forget to introduce your business

Don’t assume that they will know who and why you are sending them txt messages.

8. Creative but effective

People respond more to marketing materials that are directly addressing them, so try insert your subscriber's name in all of your text messages. You can make your text message marketing campaign more targeted by sending relevant texts to groups of customers based on their interests

9. Don’t confuse your client

Don’t try to put all your marketing offers and promotion into 1 SMS message. You are just confusing your possible clients

10. Be simple

Use simple eye grabber words. Remember you are trying to attract possible clients. Dont use words that people need to use a dictionary to understand what you are trying to tell them. Client will not go to that extent.

SMS marketing or even Online SMS marketing is a fast growing means of communicating with your customer base especially in Singapore. Singapore SMS marketing ’s have excellent cut through as most people read their SMS messages